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Counseling of Infertile couple at Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre

This part of the fertility treatment is very important. Almost all couples are very stressed and anxious about child bearing. They are very unhappy and need a lot of confidence building. A good rapport development is necessary. Careful understanding of the underlying problem and the available options is very important for a successful outcome to any fertility treatment. Knowledge of their problem helps people to relax and are able to cope with it better.

Infertile couples who visit our center are more concern about the reproductive and physiological features. They are under the influence of social stigma and mental stress. And to relieve from this our team of expert counselors, council them at the first visit before Pick up, After Pick Up, Before Embryo transfer and as and when required in their own language.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is important when you’re trying to make sure your body is fertile and able to create a healthy baby. Stopping smoking is one of the most important things you can do for you fertility – women who are lifetime smokers go through menopause about two years earlier than normal and also have a higher risk of miscarriage. They are also likely to respond less well to treatment.

Cutting out alcohol, smoking and improving your diet and overall fitness are also beneficial, and if you’re trying for a baby it’s also a good idea to increase your daily intake of folic acid – the vitamin is vital to the growth and development of a baby’s head and spine during its early stages.


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