Normal Fertilization
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Normal Fertilization
Female Reproductive System
A woman usually produces a single follicle each month. The egg within the follicle is released during ovulation. After the egg is released from the ovary, the tubes pick up the egg and move it towards the womb (uterus). The movement of the tube and it’s octopus like fimbrial end, helps in this process.
At the time of ovulation, if unprotected sexual intercourse happens, the sperm (from the male partner) moves upward into the womb and then enters the tube.
Egg and sperm meet within the tube. Fertilization then takes place within the tube and if it is successful the embryo is developed. The embryo then travels into the uterus (womb) and gets embedded in the cushy lining of the womb (which is called endometrium) and grows further
Male Reproductive System
In men sperms are produced in the seminiferous tubules of the testes, from where they move to be matured and stored in the epididymis. This process takes three months to complete. During sexual intercourse the sperm leave the epididymis and travel through the vas deference where they are mixed with fluid secreted by various glands. This mixture of fluid and sperm is then deposited in the vagina of the female partner following ejaculation.
The Treatment Options Include:
Psychosexual counseling
Ovulation induction
Advanced treatment (TESA, PESA)

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