Causes of infertility
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Causes of infertility
A couple trying to conceive through regular and unprotected intercourse for at least a year is termed as infertility. There are four requirements to get pregnant:

1) A sperm capable of fertilizing an egg (male factor)
2) An egg capable of being fertilized (ovulation)
3) Open passage to allow the egg and sperm to meet (tubo-peritoneal disease)
4) A uterus to nurture the developing pregnancy (uterine factors)
Failure of conception is the result of the failure of the meeting of the two cells: the egg and the sperm, their union and further development after implantation in the uterus. Hence the cause of inability to conceive could be in the male, in the female, in both or neither (unexplained). The number of couples facing infertility is increasing mainly as because of lifestyle and career oriented attitude.
Requirements for fertility in the man:
Normal production of sperms
Normal/Patent tubes carrying the sperms from the testis to the outside.
Transmission of spermatozoa to vagina:
Adequate sex drive
Maintain erection
Normal ejaculation
Placement of ejaculate in vagina
Requirements for fertility in the female:
Adequate sexual drive, sexual function
Regular ovulation
Normal vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries
Normal physiology
Normal immunologic responses to accommodate sperm, conceptus, and fetal survival
Adequate chemical, nutritional, and health status to maintain nutrition and oxygenation of placenta and foetus.

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