ART Bank at Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
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ART Bank at Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre

The purpose of cryopreserving semen (sperm banking) is to help ensure the possibility of conception in the future. When choosing a sperm bank, it is important to find a facility that you believe will be in business for many years to come so that you can safely store your sperm long-term.
At the Fertility Center of Shivdikar Human Reproduction, our sperm bank uses the most advanced medical equipment available and has around the clock security to keep your specimens safe. If you are reaching advanced reproductive age, have a hazardous occupation or will undergo major surgery, you are an excellent candidate for sperm banking.
Reasons to Cryopreserve Sperm
Medical Reasons: Some men discover they have diseases or must undergo treatment or surgery, which will cause permanent sterilization or genetic damage. As cancer detection and treatment techniques improve, more conditions such as cancer are being detected at younger ages in men, with longer survival rates. Therefore, more men in their fertile years are now considering cryopreservation to preserve their fertility after cancer diagnosis.
Pre-Vasectomy Sperm Banking: Some fertile men wish to have a vasectomy, but still desire to keep the option open to father children should their circumstances change in the future.
Military & Hazardous Occupation Fertility Preservation: Some men are engaged in high-risk occupations, which involve exposure to radiation, dangerous chemicals, or physical harm. Sperm banking helps ensure their chance of fathering children in the future. These occupations may force them to be away from their partners during a period of time in which they had planned to conceive a child. Artificial insemination using cryopreserved semen allows such couples a chance to follow their desired plan.
Fertility center of Shivdikar Human Reproduction, not only offers sperm cryopreservation but Embryo & Oocyte can also be cryopreserved for long term storage. An embryo is defined as an egg that has been fertilized with sperm, becoming a multicellular organism. Once the embryo has matured to a certain level it can be cryopreserved (frozen) and stored at sub-zero temperatures for future use. Oocyte Cryopreservation - Oocyte (egg) freezing is the cryopreservation (freezing) of female eggs that have been retrieved directly from a woman's ovaries. Frozen embryos and eggs can be thawed years later and used in fertility treatments such as IVF.
Reasons to Cryopreserve Embryos & Eggs
  Many couples have embryos and/or eggs remaining after IVF treatment. Most couples prefer not to discard this precious reproductive tissue. Often times, when IVF is successful and a pregnancy is achieved, the couple may be ready for a second child just a few years later. The cryopreserved embryos or eggs can be thawed out at a later date and used for in vitro fertilization. The results are slightly lower than with fresh specimens, but embryo and egg freezing offers couples the chance of getting pregnant more than once from one cycle of ovarian stimulation.

Egg (oocyte) storage is also a useful tool for women that are approaching advanced reproductive age or have medical conditions such as cancer that may affect fertility. Storing frozen eggs gives women the opportunity to preserve their fertility until they are ready to grow their family. New advancements in egg freezing technology has made more pregnancies by frozen eggs possible than ever before. If a female is diagnosed with cancer before reaching puberty, it is possible to freeze and store ovarian tissues for use in the future.

We screen the patient for infectious diseases before storing their specimen (Sperm, Embryo, Oocyte)

Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
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