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About Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre is spread over 3,000 square feet across two floors serving patients over 18 years. We pride ourselves for state-of-the-art facilities, operation theatres, ultra sound rooms and high-security laboratories. All equipment has been imported from Japan, Sweden, Norway, UK, US and Europe. We never compromise about the equipments and infrastructure causing the international standards being made available to our patients.
To mention few of high-end equipments used at Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre.
Aerocide Enconditioners:
Aerocide Enconditioners were developed by NASA (United States of America). Encoditioning is a state of art technology that purifies, sanitizes and disinfects the indoor ambient air through a NASA patented process that not only neutralizes bio burden but completely annihilates it leading to the highest level of (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality attainable.
AiroCide eradicate airborne pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, dust mites, allergens, odors and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). This technology is used by NASA to purify the air particles for the Rocket which landed on the moon, the same machine is used in our embryology laboratory for good air Quality control. This is the latest versatile technique till today.
ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection):
ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is a key procedure to making parenthood possible in a highly infertile couple especially it is use in male infertility with minimum sperm count, sperm obtained from TESA, PESA, Swim out technique. ICSI offers selection of morphologically best sperm as well as an Oocyte which is capable of good fertilization.
ICSI is a procedure in which morphologically best selected sperm is directly injected into the cytoplasm of an Oocyte.
We use Narishige ON3 system which enables exceptionally delicate manipulations and protects the Oocyte and sperm by ensuring that pipette movement is free from vibrations. Narishige ON3 originates from Japan, more than 80% of the best IVF Centers in the world including Scandinavian, European, Australian, American, south Asian countries are using the same machine.
MINC Bench top Incubator is used to Culture gametes and embryos with a reputation for proven results. Introduced in 1995, the MINC™ Benchtop Incubator has become the leader in incubation and continues to set a benchmark for quality assurance today.
Developed by embryologists and used by professionals around the world, the MINC has been clinically demonstrated to create an ideal culture environment.
In addition to its functional design and enhanced monitoring, the MINC holds a constant temperature, provides rapid pH recovery and helps the embryo maintain homeostasis to reduce embryonic stress. Thus, it mimics the in vivo intra-uterine environment.
LEEC CO2 Incubator is an advanced CO2 Incubator which also maintains proper temperature and CO2 concentration thereby maintains exact pH of Culture Media. LEEC Significantly reduced risk of contamination, it gives Zero vibration: eradicates any possibility of cell edging effect. LEEC provides sterilisation cycle at 200C. This product originated from United state of Kingdom (UK).
The COOK Aspiration Unit is used to provide a low-flow, regulated vacuum pump to give specific negative pressure at the tip of needle which prevent damage to Ovum during Ovum Pick Up.
The Cook Aspiration Unit is a precision-built, regulated vacuum pump designed specifically for ovum aspiration.
The Cook Aspiration Unit has a rapid suction response at the tip of the needle when the pedal is activated, and is able to hold constant vacuum settings accurately for long periods. hence, the eggs get sucked without damaging the cell membrane and the internal structure of an Oocyte.
In prevalent ICSI technique the sperm is magnified 200 times, whereas in the IMSI technique the sperm is magnified 7000 times. At such magnification the sperm morphological defects namely the subtle intra-nuclear sperm defects and the chromatin compaction defects get easily detected which the prevalent technique fails to detect. Only the morphologically normal sperm under this magnification is used for ICSI. This leads to higher fertilization, higher implantation rate and ultimately higher “take home baby” rates. It also reduces early abortion rate by 40%, thereby improving ultimate outcome of the test tube baby technique. IMSI technique is immensely beneficial for:
1) Patients with more than 2 ICSI failure
2) Patients where there is severe male factor abnormality Eg: Severe Oligoasthenozoospermia, normal sperm count but higher percent of abnormal sperm, elderly male partners etc.
3) Recurrent first trimester abortion- here the conventional ICSI does succeed but results in early abortion
4) Patients with prolonged unexplained infertility
The Case system is a vertical laminar flow sterile air cabinet; this Laminar Flow Work Station assures the best product protection with true uniform flow clean air. It has a built in monitor, Anti-vibration Table with heated glass with Microscopes as well as built in camera and LCD screen.
Low noise level: The case system which we use is noise less therefore Embryologist can work peacefully.
Excellent Light Distribution: The work area is well illuminated at all times and this is ensured by high intensity diffused light.
Filtration: Filter efficiency is 99.999% against 0.3µm particle size. Hepa filters are protected by a pre-filter for longer life.
Excellent Clean Air Performance: A unique laminator system ensures uniformity and balance in the down-flow air. This enables for a better flow with less turbulence at the work area, resulting in improved anti-vibration characteristics.
Laser Assisted Hatching:
Laser hatching is performed when the egg has a very thick outer coat. In this procedure the embryo (just before the Embryo transfer) is held in a holding pipette. Then multiple point is decided and fire with the laser to create a rough area on the zona pellucida which favours the implantation in older patients/patients with repeated implantation failure. The embryo is then washed and put back in culture incubator. And Embryo transfer is done shortly after hatching procedure.
MINDRAY DC3 Ultrasound Machine:
We use latest ultrasound machine with the Trans vaginal probe for retrieval of eggs Trans vaginally, the machine has facility of colour Doppler to detect the endometrium and uterine blood supply. This machine provide information of blood supply to the uterus, Powerpoint to Endometrium for the grading of Endometrium to understand timing of Embryo Transfer and Implantation. The color Doppler is used for know the blood supply to the each mature follicle to adjust the triggering with HCG and the timing of Ovum Pick Up.
About Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
Embryoscope is another technological revolution in the field of Embryology. It allows us to monitor the growth of each and every embryo in real time. And to know which embryo is the best embryo for transfer. The video is recorded by continuous image capture. Embryoscope allows us detail study of developmental growth of an embryo without disturbing them from their simulated In vivo condition. The advantages compared to other incubators are as follows.
It improves embryo selection
It improves embryo culture and manipulation conditions
It gives the parents-to-be more information about the embryo
It provides a record on film of the beginning of the future baby's life
We not only use standard equipments but also standard imported Culture media for IUI/IVF/ICSI Procedure which imported from Australia. We culture the Embryos by using both sequential as well as universal media. For stimulation protocol we use standard imported drugs like GonalF, Luvaris, Pergonal, Proffasi, Agonist as well as Antagonist.

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Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Fertility Centre
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