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We offer range of services under one roof with homely atmosphere. Click here to know services available...
Welcome to the official website of Shivdikar Human Reproduction & Maternity Nursing Home. We are committed to bring a child into the life of couples with fertility problems. In addition to Maternity & Infertility treatments we also have facility for patients to undergo keyhole surgery. Shivdikar hospital is super speciality hospital for woman. Fertility treatments in Shivdikar Human Reproduction Centre are cost effective and offers international standard IVF Treatment. The IVF process and the IVF procedure that we follow are of world class standards.Our IVF lab is equipped with sophisticated state-of-art technology and manned by highly trained and skilled personnel. All the disposables used in the process of IVF are imported from UK & Australia. Our doctors will advise you on how to save money on IVF thereby reducing IVF cost and IVF treatment costs. Generally ivf cost is high because the cost of fertility drugs is high.

We provide best quality treatment because we understand patients need. Facing infertility is the most stressful situation for that couple, they suffers silently but with its own psychological implications, leading to enormous emotional, physical and even financial strain. The societal pressures further increase the couple's agony. Infertility, though not life threatening, causes intense mental agony & trauma that can only be best described by infertile couples themselves. We endeavor towards making the whole process simple and transparent. We guide the couple at every step.

We are not only Fertility clinic but provide all services that our patient needs. We are a well known hospital in the city of Mumbai for over 18 years and we are centrally located near parel and Elphinstone railway station. We are spread over 3,000 square feet across two floors.Dr. Shivdikar Hospital and Fertility Clinic pays special attention to female infertility treatment, in-vitro fertilisation, and male infertility treatment.

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Dr. Ashok H. Shivdikar
Shivdikar Hospital & Fertility clinic
Shivdikar building No. 28-A, J.B. Road,
Opp. Shirodkar Market, Parel (East), Mumbai- 400 012

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